HDTV Connection Solution

HDTV Connection system is a special connector solution for most types of applications including broadcast cameras and control equipment, audio equipment, radio microphone and microwave transmission for Outside Broadcast (OB), studios, cinema, television, radio, theatre and music.

Especially, the representative connection is for studio and outside broadcast van.

The system for studio makes a connection between Studio HDTV Camera and base station of secondary control room. As allowing for movement of camera, the cameraman can use easily.

The another system is for HDTV connection system in stadium, connector closure is installed and cable is laid each shooting location in the parking lot which broadcast van is located and stadium. Relay broadcasting is possible with only connecting in the connector closure. It can be possible to secure the safe of the aisle and no need to lay HDTV camera cable whenever relaying broadcasting is going on.

Those 2 types are commonly applied to use FXW, EDW short cable assembly(bulk type) for the easy change of connector in closure. It is important to operate and connect the installed spare terminal connection box apart from closure.